Lost on where to start with cyber security?

The world of cyber security is daunting to many people. With so many terms and devices talked about it can look like a very confusing world for some. Where should you start though? What should you protect yourself against? If this question is answered incorrectly it can be very devastating for an organization.

Thanks to organizations like OWASP starting points for securing your assets can be established. With the changing dynamics of many organizations it is hard to determine what a standard security model should look like. However there are two very important areas that every organization should protect. These areas are mobile devices and privacy.

If you are implementing a BYOD (Bring you own device) model in your organization there is a list of very important things to watch for when it comes to mobile devices.  The list is as follows.

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Fing, a little app with alot to offer

Fing, a little app with alot to offer

Many users don't know how to audit or properly troubleshoot their network due to overly complicated applications or they are unsure where to start. Fing assists with these tasks and helps simplify them.

Fing takes the power of traditional PC based audit tools and places them neatly in an easy to use mobile app.  Fing offers a multitude of easy to use functions which allows a user to quickly and accurately audit their network.

These include

  •  Ping - measure the round-trip time for packets sent by Fing to a destination host.
  • Traceroute - identify the hops
  • Domain Lookup - translate a domain name like google.com into IP address, and vice versa.
  • Wake On LAN - wake up devices that may be switched on from the network.
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