Mission Statement

CyDefe was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind. Educate others about risks and threats so they may protect themselves better. The method in which we accomplished this has evolved over the years. From a blog and podcast to educational labs and publications. We at CyDefe strive to continue the education of others, and we strive to improve the ways we accomplish that goal.

About The Team

Raymond Evans (Host and Founder of CyDefe and CyDefe Labs)

Raymond is a Cyber Security Specialist with certifications in Security +, GCIH, and GWAPT. He is actively involved with the local community of St. Louis via STEM out reach which includes developing training events and Cyber Patriot. Raymond routinely performs vulnerability assessments and specialized in web application penetration testing.


EMAIL: REvans[at]cydefe.com


Micheil Fairweather (co-host)

Micheil is a Cyber Security Specialist with certifications in Security + and GCIH and a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.  He routinely performs vulnerability assessments and specializes in system hardening and proper network configurations.  He lives and works in San Antonio, TX while getting the opportunity to travel around the world performing assessments.


EMAIL: mfairweather[at]cydefe.com

Paul Jordan (Software Engineer)

Paul earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Akron in Ohio in 2011. Paul was a software engineer with a small Akron Ohio software development company where he managed, developed, and maintained several applications including a PHP/JavaScript web-app, a low level C data acquisition application, a C++ user facing application, and a data warehousing business intelligence application.


EMAIL: paullj1[at]gmail.com

WEBPAGE: http://paullj1.com/


Additional Information

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