CyDefe was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind. That goal was, and still is, to educate others about information security risks and threats so they may protect themselves better. The method by which we accomplish that goal has evolved many times over the years, starting with a simple blog and eventually evolving into training environments and publications. We at CyDefe will continue to strive in the education of others and improve upon how we accomplish that goal.


Training Environments

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At CyDefe we develop, maintain, and operate CTF style training events and persistent environments. A CTF is an event during which students, teachers, and professionals come together to compete against one another to test and expand cybersecurity skills and awareness. Participants are challenged with cybersecurity related puzzles from categories like network exploitation, cyber forensics, cryptography, and cyber trivia. Each challenge hides a unique string called a 'flag' and participants receive points for each captured flag.


Pentesting Platform


Need a platform to reverse engineer software for penetration testing and exploit development? CyDefe has you covered with our reverse engineering platform called Loki. There are many other reverse engineering platforms available, however most of those focus on reverse engineering to analyze malware.

The tool sets available on Loki are tailored to help penetration testers identify weaknesses and quickly develop exploits. If you want to try Loki, you can download it from our repository located HERE.